Bite Correction

Proper Bite is Important

Traditionally, patients who are experiencing bite problems have to wear headgear or other cumbersome and uncomfortable appliances to correct the alignment of the jaw. With the introduction of intraoral appliances, there are more comfortable and less visible solutions available. Our two most common bite correctors are Herbst® and Carriere® appliances.

Why Correct Bite Misalignment?

Whether you or your child has an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, it is important to have an experienced dental health professional examine your condition. Problems that can arise due to poor bite alignment include:
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Oral health issues, such as tooth decay, damage to the enamel, bad breath, gum disease, or tooth loss
  • Speech impediment
  • Problems with chewing food
  • Facial pain
  • TMJ pain
Tongue Thrust Therapy
Tongue thrusting is the habit of placing the tongue too far forward during swallowing, which forces the teeth out of alignment over time. During treatment, speech and finger sucking habits are also evaluated.

What is tongue thrust therapy?

Sometimes, bite issues can stem from a condition known as tongue thrusting. A tongue thrust occurs when the tongue is not in the right position when swallowing. A tongue in the proper position when swallowing is at the roof of the mouth; in a tongue thrust patient, the tongue is pushed to the sides or the back of the teeth while swallowing. It is important to correct a tongue thrust habit during orthodontic treatment—untreated tongue thrust habits can undo years of orthodontic correction over time because of the tongue’s pressure on the teeth.

As an experienced orthodontist, Dr. Jeff at Village Orthodontics can identify and correct a tongue thrust habit. The type of treatment you or your child will receive for a tongue thrust correction will depend on its severity and overall treatment plan.

Bite and speech problems, plus thumb-sucking habits

There are many types of treatments available to correct bite and speech issues. The type of treatment that Village Orthodontics recommends for you will be determined based on your unique condition. Dr. Jeff formulates a customized treatment plan for every patient to ensure an accurate, efficient, and effective result. Sometimes, tongue thrust therapy is a great choice for children who have developed issues after sucking on their thumbs for too long, since thumb sucking impacts the tongue’s natural resting position.

At Village Orthodontics, we do everything that we can to achieve beautiful results. Utilizing the latest in technology and techniques, Dr. Jeff has an orthodontic treatment solution for you. When you come to Village Orthodontics for a consultation, Dr. Jeff will discuss which treatment options are right for you, which may include the use of the Carriere Motion Appliance or Herbst Appliance.
Airway Evaluation
An airway evaluation seeks to treat any underlying causes of obstructed breathing, and early expansion has been shown to improve the airway in children seeing a pediatric ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor.

What is airway evaluation?

Did you know that orthodontics creates more than just a beautiful smile? In addition to improving oral health and function, orthodontic care can be a necessary treatment for children who are experiencing breathing issues.

Dr. Jeff performs airway evaluations, which is a visual exam that looks for common physiological signs that can contribute to a reduction in airway function, such as:
  • Mouth breathing
  • Hyperplastic gingival tissue
  • Tongue tie
  • Narrow jaws
If airway function is a concern, Dr. Jeff may recommend early orthodontic treatment, such as the keyless palatal expander.
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If you are concerned about your child’s breathing function, or if you have been referred to us by a specialist, we encourage you to contact our practice for an airway evaluation. Dr. Jeff will discuss your medical history, perform a complete oral exam, and review or take any diagnostic images to formulate the best treatment plan.

Village Orthodontics has 3 state-of-the-art practices located in Arvada, Centennial, and Greenwood Village. As a trusted orthodontist for over 35 years, Dr. Jeff performs the full scope of orthodontic care, including an airway evaluation. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.
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