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How Old Is Too Old for Braces?

Dr. Jeff Haskins and the team at Village Orthodontics near Littleton, CO don’t want prospective orthodontic patients to think that they are “too old” for braces. Starting from the moment you lose your last baby tooth and even after all of your adult teeth have grown in, you may be a candidate for braces. Braces […]

9 Things to Pack When Traveling with Braces

Traveling is an exciting and eye-opening experience. If you have braces and will be traveling this Memorial Day weekend don’t forget to pack a braces traveling kit. Here are a few things that Dr. Jeff Haskins of  Village Orthodontics in the Golden, CO area suggests that you pack: A travel-sized or full-size toothbrush Non-whitening mild toothpaste A durable folding cup […]

3 Things That Set Us Apart From Other Orthodontists

For some, looking for an orthodontist in Greenwood Village, CO can be a tough decision for there are many orthodontist in the area offering the same services that we do here at Village Orthodontics. We also understand that you may need to make sure that Village Orthodontics is the right orthodontic practice for you before scheduling an […]

What Is the Difference Between an Orthodontist and a Dentist?

There are tons of people out there that enlist the services of orthodontists and dentists, but many people think that they are the same thing. While this misconception is understandable, Dr. Jeff Haskins of Village Orthodontics in Arapahoe County, Co wants patients to understand the differences between an orthodontist and a dentist. In terms of education, dentists need […]