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Can Orthodontics Fix My Speech Impediment?

Did you know that chronic speech problems can be caused by the misalignment, or malocclusion, of your teeth? Dr. Jeff Haskins of Village Orthodontics near Denver, CO knows that these and other oral health care issues can cause an orthodontic speech impediment. Do you have a lisp? Do you whistle when pronouncing certain sounds or […]

Tips for Choosing an Invisalign Provider

Most of us are not born with that red-carpet-ready celebrity smile. In fact, most well-known celebrities are not born with their red-carpet smiles either. However, that fantastic smile is now within reach in Arapahoe County, CO with the help Dr. Jeff Haskins and the team at Village Orthodontics. Invisalign clear aligners Adults are often reluctant […]

Can I Get Braces From My Dentist?

Can my general dentist provide me with orthodontic care? The easy answer is “Yes, a general dentist CAN offer a patient this treatment.” If a dentist can align and straighten a patient’s teeth with braces as well as an average orthodontist, then they are qualified to provide orthodontic treatment. Dr. Jeff Haskins of Village Orthodontics […]