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Do I Need To Go To An Orthodontist?

Everyone wants to have a picture-perfect smile. The problem is knowing if and when you need to go to an orthodontist to help you achieve your goal. Orthodontists can treat an array of issues relating to teeth including gaps, underbite, overbite, crossbite, and more. Dr. Jeff Haskins and the team at Village Orthodontics are the […]

Before You Choose Invisalign, Read This

For decades, traditional metal braces were the go-to choice for orthodontic treatment. But that’s only because it was the only option available! Today, there are more treatment options than there were in the past, leading people to be unsure of which to choose! For many of Dr. Jeff Haskins’s patients, Invisalign has become the most […]

Got Braces? Avoid Eating These Foods During Your Treatment

Sadly, it’s true that during your treatment with braces, there are limitations on what you can eat. While many are reluctant to give up their favorite foods, the sacrifice for the time with braces is well worth the long-lasting smile which will be achieved. Many patients are also ill-informed on what foods are restricted with […]